Anniversary 2022 poster.jpg

Liangtse's 11th anniversary in Wassenaar



Easter 2022 is the time that Liangtse Wellness Center will celebrate its 11th anniversary in Wassenaar. My staff and I are filled with appreciation and pride for all the years, in which we met and served so many loyal clients. Thank you from our heart,  for letting us grow all together. My team and I wish for a continuation grow with all of you.

In the period from April 11th until April 24th we will have our annual anniversary sales, this years’ offer is that everyone, members and non-members, can buy 10 vouchers (full amount) and receive three extra vouchers for free. These vouchers will be valid for use until April 30th 2023.

And for our members, as a token of loyalty and appreciation we offer a free aijiu voucher, in addition to the offer mentioned above.