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For more than three centuries Chinese Traditional Medicine applies the classic moxa therapy as a highly effective and natural treatment. It is a combination of a short yet intense massage followed by a warmth treatment on either neck, waist, belly, knee or a combination of mentioned.

Liangtse exclusively created a new technology by using a moxa warmth device, where heat can be regulated to your personal needs and the power of the moxa herbs will be fully performed.


What are the effects of Aijiu Care?

  • The 12 energy lines in your body, also knows as the meridians will be stimulated for a better blood circulation and relaxing of the muscles

  • Insomnia and the lack of energy can be reduced extensively

  • Balance in body and soul will be restored by removing the cold and moist, the Yin, and adding warmth and power, the Yang

  • Detox of the body* , moisturizing of the skin and thereby reduces the process of aging


And the effects on the specific parts of the body?

  • Neck: an instant pain relief, the muscles in the area around your shoulders will relax

  • Waist: pain relief and preventing legs and feet from becoming cold

  • Belly: when being confronted with pain in the belly, buttocks, and lack of strenghth in your legs  Aijiu can enlighten this and stimulate a better digestion and metabolism

  • Knees: reduction of stiff limbs and joints. You will experience walking comfortable, flexible, balanced and without pain


Both you and the therapist can determine together which part(s) of your body can be treated best. Since all therapists own the knowledge of applying Aijiu Care, they are capable to advice you personally during the intake.


Please watch the video below to have a clear picture of how exactly aijiu works


The time to enjoy Aijiu Care

An Aijiu treatment is a therapy that can be enjoyed throughout all four seasons. 

The most perfect time however, possibly in combination with a detox (diet treatment), is early spring. In this season you can excellently work on a well balanced energy level and regain your strength.


Advice and guidelines

During your Aijiu care treatments we do advice you a few rules, which will increase the full effects.

  • After you’ve enjoyed your moxa therapy please do not shower, we advice you to wait until the next day.

  • Do avoid a spicy diet or meals with intense herbs such as pepper, garlic and ginger.

  • Alcoholic beverages during your treatments is not recommended.


Are there any side effects?

At Liangtse we experienced that very few customers have unpleasant side effects.

In exceptional cases after the first treatment you can experience a running nose and sneezing, as well as slightly sore muscles, itching and slight swelling of the skin on and around the treated parts.








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